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Shooting in Rhode Island is always a great switch up from Boston! We got the opportunity to shoot with a great photographer Zach, here's a little more about him! 


Tell us the story about when your passion for photography first started?

My Fiancé’s brother is a photographer. I jokingly picked up his camera while visiting him in NYC on New Year’s Eve. I snapped 3 pictures all of my fiancé; first was focused on a water bottle in the background, second she blinked, and the third became one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. Her putting on her beanie, capturing moments, is my passion. Getting the genuine smile of someone, or someone doing the best Beyonce impression. That’s why I got into portraits.


What is the story behind your favorite picture? 

This picture of Liv is one of my favorites, she’s not even a model. She's just a friend that let me take her picture. Liv has 1000 different expressions and she kills every single one of them. I edited this picture 20 times and loved every single of of them.

Never Seek Approval, Photographer Zach bloc, Model Liv


How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team?

This was a great experience, I met some cool people. The Never Seek Approval Team was a great host and made everything very easy. All the models were fun and professional. (Even the one that randomly showed up lol). 


How can someone get in contact with you…

Zach Noka


Instagram: @noka_kodaks

Twitter: @HisDopeTweets

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