We got to shoot with Victoria at Boston Public Garden. One of Boston's most visited green spaces! 

Tell us the story about when your passion for modeling first started? 
I started modeling when my friend who is a photography minor at her university asked me to take some photos for her portfolio. After that, a few months later, one of my friends at school asked me to  take some photos with him and I remembered how much I loved taking photos so I have been doing it more continuously since then.
What has been your favorite moment of modeling? (do you have a favorite picture you’d like to add)
 One of my favorite moments of modeling was during taking this photo. Before this I have never done a darker concept and I really enjoyed it! Also, in general, I usually try not to touch my face because I am kinda weird about germs, but this it the first time I did it and I think it came out well!
Fun Fact?
I have been snowboarding for ~7-8 years!
How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval team?  
The shoot was great! Very professional with everyone having a common goal :)
How can someone get in contact with you
Instagram: @uknowmevmb

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