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You can see Noah killing it at shoots in New York! We got an opportunity to shoot with him in Rhode Island where he killed it too! 
How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval team?
Collaborating with the Never Seek Approval Team was nothing short of amazing! I felt welcomed, loved, supported, and super comfortable! Despite the freezing weather (because it was COLD) we took some really great shots, shared several laughs, and created great friendships.
Tell us the story about when your passion for modeling first started?
I was always told that I should model, however I never had the confidence. I didn’t start this journey until about April of last year, and ever since then it’s been non stop shooting, networking, and just perfecting my craft.
What has been your favorite moment of modeling?
My favorite moment modeling was probably when I had the opportunity to shoot with Nigel Barker. Since I’m still so new to the modeling world, this was a big accomplishment for me.
How can someone get in contact with you…
Noah Andrade
Instagram: @NoahAndrade_

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