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We got a chance to do a Q&A with @cosmicphenomenon, a queer model and advocate from Boston. It's all about staying true to oneself and Never Seeking Approval. 

Q: When did you know you had to Never Seek Approval in your life? 

A: When I started to be really honest with myself and what made me happy. As long as I wasn't hurting anybody else, staying true to who I am was all that mattered, not the opinions of others. 

Q: Any advice for people trying to break out of the mold? 

A: Ok this is a really hard question because it can mean a lot of things, but I think it comes back to checking in with yourself and what you need and what makes you happy vs what you've been told will. Do you want to dress a certain way but were scared to? That's ok! Try it out. Are you worried about presenting yourself differently because what if your preferred presentation changes? That's also ok! We're all changing and learning all the time. Checking and being kind and honest with ourselves is most important. If you have that covered, the rest will come. 

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