Tell us the story about when your passion for modeling first started?
have been a photographer for over 8 years throughout high school and college. I secretly always wanted to model even though I enjoyed the creative outlet of photography. I didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there in college as modeling is a vulnerable career. Once I graduated college, my close friends encouraged me to go for it. I have been modeling for about a year and I truly love being on the other side of the camera. 
What has been your favorite moment of modeling?
My favorite moment of my modeling career was walking in London Fashion Week for Dynasty Models Inc in February. I had the privilege of walking for 7 different designers, meeting amazing models located all over the globe and wearing unique, trend setting outfits. I also brought 5 of my best friends on the trip and it was my first ever trip to Europe. Definitely a memorable experience!
Fun fact? 
I love cooking and breakfast is by far my favorite meal. I make an elaborate breakfast every morning before work. 
How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval team?
It was great to work with a brand so conscious about sustainability. I think we need more brands like Never Seek Approval- they encourage people to never apologize for being themselves and I love that. I enjoy supporting small business and young entrepreneurs. 
How can someone get in contact with you…
Madeline Adams 
Instagram: @mindovermadeline

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