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Another great shoot in Rhode Island with Liv! 
How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval team?
I was shooting alongside full time models and it was then, that their message hit me and I didn't "need anyones approval" to be there. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging, making new connections and friendships. Collabing with them was an awesome experience and super comfortable especially in their cozy sweatshirts!
Tell us the story about when your passion for modeling first started?
I don't think to consider myself a model. I've only done a couple of shoots and they have only been for fun but I've loved every second of it.
What has been your favorite moment of modeling
My favorite moment I've experienced with modeling has simply just been being asked to model or do a shoot. Since I don't have much experience its dope to be recognized by other photographers and companies.
How can someone get in contact with you…
Olivia Gonsalves  
Instagram: livgonsalves_

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