Never Seek Approval NYC shoot model keren

 We got to shoot with Keren! Read more about her work! 

I started modeling when I was younger. My mom’s coworker’s daughter modeled for as long as I can remember and I always knew that was something that I wanted to do. I shot with her and her boyfriend at the time, and that’s how I got started. It felt natural to be behind a camera, and I always loved fashion so it was like connecting a puzzle. For the longest time I wanted to be a fashion designer, I would make outfits, help my mom design things and also have my friends come over so that I can dress them for events. I figured that I didn’t want to be a designer but instead a model. From there my mom set me up with a talent agency and I got training, etc done. Growing up I was told that I was too short to model, even just two years ago in Miami I went to the agencies with my shots and my experience and I was turned down. I’ve shot with so many different photographers in Miami and here in NYC and I love it. There’s something about it, I know that I was set to be here in NYC doing this. Modeling is my biggest reason for moving to the city and modeling here has been my favorite moment. The feeling knowing that nothing can stop you and you make your path. I refuse to let agencies tell me that I’m too short to be a print model. I will not seek others’ approval, I will set my standards and chase my dreams, regardless of how cliche it sounds... it’s true. By chasing my dreams I want to inspire anyone too afraid to take a chance and believe in themselves. You don’t have to follow a standard, you can make your own! Never Seek Approval has reminded me of my reason for being in the city, and I thank them deeply for that. It was so great working with this brand and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.


My name is Keren Arencibia, my best contact is through email My Instagram is @findingkeren. 

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