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We got to shoot with Josef in Downtown Crossing! Read more about his work below! 
Tell us the story about when you first started modeling?
My most embarrassing modeling story happened when I just started. I went to a casting for a commercial ad shoot with limited information. When I arrived I walked into a room full of parents and their babies (all screaming) and was told to sign in using the computer; a large screen iMac computer. I proceeded to try and press the entry fields over and over to sign in, ultimately resorting to tell the casting assistant that the computer was not responding. Having watched my struggle she told me the computer was not a touch screen and to please use the keyboard and mouse hidden below. Rough start. The actual casting didn't go any better. The scene was between myself and a random toddler (their actual parent standing off to the side). The casting director asked me to place the child on the floor for it to crawl, something I had never done in my life up until this point. I couldn't figure out the best way to get the child from my shoulder to the floor. My brain glitched and what I came up with was to squat down like a power-lifter, holding the child out in front of me, and then tilting the baby to a crawling position once closer to the floor. The casting director gave me a funny look and said I can go. Oh well.
What has been your favorite moment of modeling?
Definitely my first ever modeling gig. I was super nervous getting settled when another Maggie's model came over, introduced themselves, and brought me a bottle of water from the clients fridge. It was such a small gesture, but it was the first moment I felt like we were on a team instead of in a competition. Every other gig I have gone to I have tried to show the same compassion and friendliness.
Any other fun fact you’d like to add about yourself? 
I am currently getting my PhD at Tufts University studying how to engineer probiotic bacteria to treat human disorders! It's nice to have an escape from all that technical work and be free to express yourself in front of the camera.
How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval team?
It's always a pleasure working with individuals who are passionate. The brand, the photographer, everyone working together to create or achieve something. It was inspiring to learn more about the mission of the Never Seek Approval team to produce sustainable clothing, not to mention the products are comfortable and stylish! I think the team will play a big part in the future streetwear scene.
How can someone get in contact with you…
Josef Bober
Instagram: josefvonwolfhausen

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