Jasen, photographer, Never Seek Approval

Jasen is a master of poetry and an even better photographer! Everybody has to go check out his book on Amazon "The Underground Man".  

Q: Tell us the story about when your passion for photography first started?

A: When I was 19-years-old, I founded a small press called J-Rock Publishing, which focused on publishing books for young adult readers to get them interested in literature.  During this creative process, images and photography became instrumental in putting together a visual appealing product.  Even though there is editing involved with photography, I like the immediacy of being able to share my photography much sooner with my audience as a book can take well over a year by the time it is written, edited, and published. 


Q:What is the story behind your favorite picture? 

A: Well, I don’t think I have a favorite picture, but my favorite place to take pictures in Boston is at the Esplanade. There is such a variety of different types of photos that you can capture there from landscape, to street photography, and nature. This particular photo of a gondola ride at sunset is my favorite type of photo to capture as it tells the story of a peaceful evening in Boston and what people do after a hot summer day to cool off in the city.

Jasen, photographer, Never Seek Approval


 Q: How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team?

A: I enjoy working with and being around anyone who inspires me, anyone who has a vision and lives each and every day working toward that vision. Being a vegan and being someone who is constantly aware of where everything I purchase comes from, it seemed natural for me to collaborate with Never Seek Approval. I respect that they are a business, but they are a business with a conscious who cares not only about the product they are selling, but about the creation of the product and how it impacts the planet and people over time.  I had so much fun shooting with Never Seek Approval and can’t wait to get creative with them again!  

Jasen, photographer, Faf, model, Never Seek Approval


How can someone get in contact with you…

Jasen Sousa

Email: jasensousa@jrockpublishing.com

Instagram: @jasensousa

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