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We are always striving to stay environmentally conscious of the fabrics we use for our clothing. Our newest launch is our unisex hemp tee that we are really excited to share with you guys. A lot of people are not aware of hemp's benefits so let us explain! 


Benefits of wearing Hemp Clothing

  1. Hemp plants make no waste... How? Well the seeds are made into CBD oil as well as food supplements and the stalks are made into fiber!
  2. Hemp plants produce more fiber than trees and can be renewed 2-3x per year! 
  3. Hemp also absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees (better air quality!!) 
  4. The plant uses little water to grow
  5. It does not need use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  6. UV protectant. That's right, just by wearing a hemp garment you are keeping your skin safe from a possible sunburn!
  7. Hemp plants have been around for ages! Its cultivation first started in Central Asian countries as early as 2800 BCE!
  8. Light weight and absorbent material that is strong and long lasting. 

Other than all of these benefits hemp is so versatile it can also create jeans, rope, beauty products, building material, and even food! A little fun fact is that the US until the 1920s was producing 80% of its clothing from hemp! It is important to be aware that hemp plants do not produce the psychoactive THC that marijuana plants do, they are two different species of the cannabis sativa plant. 

Make sure to check out our tee below! 






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