faf, Never Seek Approval model
We love collabing with Faf it is ALWAYS so much fun! She stays slaying it at shoots, shoutout to you Faf!! 
Q: Tell us the story about when your passion for modeling first started? 
A: I love to play dress up and watch fashion shows since I was little, so it has always been my dream! I started out doing some modeling back in college in Bangkok, Thailand. I started to do more when I have moved to Boston, by collaborating with photographers and designers here and its been an incredible experience.

Q: What has been your favorite moment of modeling? 
A: Since I started modeling in Boston, it gave me an opportunity to meet so many talented and creative people. I have as well got to explore many new places and location. My favorite moment is when I traveled to LA this past summer. I collaborate with a photographer there, and we were shooting along the Santa Monica Pier which was a blast! Modeling help me bring out my confident and creativity in which I believe that Im always growing and learning in every  shoot I have did.
 Faf, Never Seek Approval
faf, model, Never Seek Approval

Q: How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval team? 
A: Its always a great time shooing with Never Seek Approval! They are an amazing team and I really support sustainable clothing. I’m very happy and honored to get to be a part to represent their message. Because “ Who cares what they think?!” (: be you, do you, you know what it is!
faf, model, Never Seek Approval
How can someone get in contact with you… 
Instagram: @faffiio

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