Never Seek Approval new york shoot sustainable streetwear photographer david
We got the pleasure of teaming up with David for our New York shoot! 
Tell us the story about when your passion for photography first started?
My passion for photography came before i even knew what a passion was. Today in society a few people know the value of intangibility.  I always liked to capture moments, bring the intangible to tangible, in other words capture life and meaning through a lens. its a service that depends on the hands of time, one second to late or to early and the moment could be missed, and will only exist in each others perspective memory.

What is the story behind your favorite picture? 

This picture is one of the two pictures that are my favorites. The reasons is because this was the first picture I ever took where I wanted to capture the peacefulness of the place. For a moment it was like taking the picture that would make me strive to always capture the perfect shot.


Never Seek Approval David Photography favorite picture

How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team?

It was an amazing experience to work with this amazing brand. It was my second time doing a collab with a clothing line and I really love their energy and what their clothing represents. I've always try to take photos that I love and not to think to much about the approval. 

How can someone get in contact with you…

David Gonzalez

Email: mr.d.gonzalez1@gmail.com

Instagram: @david_camera_visual

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