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Chase is a great photographer! It's always fun shooting with him in Rhode Island! But check out his more recent stuff in Arizona! 


Tell us the story about when your passion for photography first started?

When I was a freshman in high school, I brought my Canon Vixia HF R100 (that I just got for my birthday), and stole my Mom’s Canon Rebel XT. I brought them to my friend’s lake house and captured us water skiing and tubing that summer weekend. As soon as I got home, I edited the video on free video editing software, and brought the pictures to CVS to be printed. Even though the video was too long and boring, and the photos where mostly blurry… I instantly fell in love with photography, film and the whole editing process. I was able to spend hours on editing, and I did not get bored in the slightest (and still don’t)!

What is the story behind your favorite picture? 

This is my favorite portrait shot because it was my first time ever doing portraits shots for someone I had never worked with before. We were in the MIT campus is Boston and I was pretty nervous. I found this random sculpture in one of the quads and thought the red stuck out nicely compared to all the other colors in the photo. I just started shooting from all angles and positions and this shot was my very last one in this location. After I got home and started to edit, I fell in love with this shot instantly. The colors, the direction she is facing, how lightly she positioned her hands. It all came together perfectly.


Never Seek Approval, Chase, photographer, team blog

Chase's first portrait shoot at MIT! 


This is my favorite drone photo because it is also one of my favorite places in Rhode Island – the Newport harbor. I really enjoy the look of all the docked boats and the different colors of the water based on the sun’s reflection. I see this photo and think it perfectly shows what southern Rhode Island looks and feels like.


Never Seek Approval, Chase photographer team blog drone shot

Chase's drone shot over Newport Harbor in Rhode Island! 


How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team?

I really enjoyed working with NSA. The whole team was extremely nice and pleasant to shoot with. It was my first time working with a brand so it was fun to take pictures that would focus more on the clothing than the person and making the products the focus point. Before I met the NSA team for the first time, I looked up their website and read their mission statement and thought it was awesome. I loved that we were creating a community for creative minds to collaborate and work together, along with spreading a message to help environment. Both things I am very passionate about and strive to do every day.


How can someone get in contact with you…

Chase Lancaster

Email –

Instagram - @thechaselancaster
Website –
Location – Phoenix, AZ 

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