We had a chance to do a catch-up Q&A with Chase! Check Chase's work out on!
Q: What have you been working on lately? 
A: With both my recent move across the country and the virus, I have been working on new approaches to getting my photography out there. I’ve reached out to local people and business, networked through friends and even started streaming on Twitch to get more exposure. It’s both stressful but also fun!
Q: What inspires you to continue creating? 
A: Even though we are all adapting to a “new normal”, that now gives people a chance to find new ways to be creative. For me, I am finding new ways to grow and spread awareness of my business and trying out different creative avenues such as editing live, podcasts and possibly a blog.
Q: What's some advice you would give to other that are feeling stuck in their creative journey? 
A: Trying to find a way to be truly unique and successful it not an easy task. I’ve always been an advocate to get inspirations from your favorite creatives. Even I mix a few different styles of my favorite photographers to come out with my own product - and that to me seems pretty unique because I’m combining every style that I love.
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