We got to collab and create some awesome shots with Caele on a bright day in Boston! Read a Q&A below about Caele's work! 


When did you first start taking pictures and creating videos? 

I started taking pictures and making videos ever since I was younger. I've always loved film and TV, photography, music videos, books, and other Youtubers so all those have constantly inspired me to create any kind of content, especially when I travel. I would say I started seriously making Youtube videos and taking photos (mostly portraits) in high school (2013-2017) and I've been doing it ever since! Now I try to do as many model/photographer meet ups around Boston as I can and am the media specialist on the executive board of the Boston University Filipino Student Association and I'm loving it.


What is the story behind your favorite picture

This is probably one of my favorite photos I've taken. This is from earlier in the summer (2019) when I went to go visit one of my best friends from high school in LA. We had always dreamed of traveling together and essentially remaking our favorite movies (Serendipity, La La Land, 500 Days of Summer - to name a few). She was just about to start a summer internship and was just getting settled in so we got to drive around and explore the city together. This was the last day of my visit and we had already hit all the places we wanted to go to and had only one more place on our bucket list - Griffith Observatory. After struggling to find parking, as usual, we bolted to get to the top of the observatory. We thought we were too late to get pictures in the sun, but really, we came at the perfect time - the sun was setting and it was such a beautiful sight. I couldn't help but think of La La Land. We watched the sunset, took more touristy pics, and it was honestly the best way to end such a short and sweet trip. It was a beautiful moment in a beautiful place with one of my closest friends in the world.



Any fun fact you’d like to add? 

I work at a real life Camp Half-Blood (from my absolute favorite book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus). Yes, it's real! It's in Austin! (check out my vlogs on my Youtube if you wanna know more.)


How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team? 

I loved collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team and hope to more in the future! First of all, it was super chill and laid back especially since we were all around the same age. I had lots of fun getting to know everyone and taking photos. I also learned a lot about sustainable fashion in general - you could just tell how passionate they were about such an empowering and environmentally friendly topic. I love their apparel and especially the message behind "Never Seek Approval" - meaning you can and should be unapologetically your authentic self no matter what (while wearing cute sustainable clothing!) 


How can someone get in contact with you… 

Caele (pronounced kay-lee) Panares



Personal Instagram: @caelepanares

Photography Instagram: @serendpities

Youtube: look up Caele Panares or 

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