Anthony's shot of Angela at our shoot! 
Tell us the story about when your passion for photography first started?
When I was younger, I always find myself consistently daydreaming about super fun scenarios either with friends or on my own, while listening to music that’ll really hype me up. Listening to the melody of the music and how the words work with the music instead of listening to the words themselves. As a gamer, I’d re-watch the new Call of Duty trailers, probably more times that I’ve watched Game of Thrones, just watching and studying the art and science of how they’d hype everyone up for their next game. In high school I’d program for 3 years focusing on a Full-Stack Engineering career path (both design and the back end for websites), and I still do websites today. Come to more recent times, I’d spend hours and hours on YouTube watching my inspirations Peter McKinnon, Casey Neistat, Jack Coyne and Matt Haapoja, as they explore their local areas and other parts of the world creating such beautiful content. When I’d bought my first camera, I’d purposely bought a camera bag to go with it, but one that would also hold my college books so I could bring my camera with me to campus every single day. But all then came together when I’d read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. In the near beginning of the book it mentions about harnessing your “One Thing” or your one passion in life and making that you’re focusing in life. He mentions Bill Gates and how his one passion is “tackling ‘really tough problems’”, as he was a programmer in college cracking really difficult algorithms, build Microsoft as one of the leading technology companies in the world, and is now dedicating his life to solving “really tough problems” in the world like health and education. It was after reading this book is then which I’d put all the pieces together and found my “One Thing”. The hours of watching Call of Duty hype videos, and YouTube vlogging videos, building websites, carrying my camera literally everywhere I go. I’d discover that my passion in life isn’t necessarily photography on it’s own, but to create amazing experiences, whether it’s content for a photoshoot, an emotional short video, or a travel video with friends, or a website for a client holding some of their most richest memories and key values. Creating those experiences for others to enjoy is something that gets me going every single day of my life, even when I didn’t even realize it when I was daydreaming listening to my hype music.
What is the story behind your favorite picture?
My favorite picture is actually my more recent set of pictures that I had posted on my Instagram. Not only for the content itself but for the point that I was trying to prove to many people who had denied my thinking process and theory I told. A lot of people around me told me that gear doesn’t make the artist, the artist makes the gear. That it doesn’t matter what gear you have, as long as you have something to tell your story.  I questioned that theory and said that it doesn’t always go that way and people denied me constantly. They told me not to waste my money on this new shiny gear that many YouTubers market and advertise, and to only stick with the low-cost gear for years and year to come to save your money. But I didn’t want to listen. All I’d have to do was ask myself two question, “Why do big directors and big freelance content creators who work with big brands, use expensive $5,000-$50,000 camera equipment, and get the high traffic they aim for?  If camera gear doesn’t matter, why don’t they all use a Canon Rebel T6i or the basic video camera for $200 that you can get at Walmart or Target?” This picture was posted with my Fujifilm XT3, and the Fujinon lenses to go with it, some expensive stuff. But the foot traffic had increased and my engagement on my page had shot up like crazy because of the drastic quality increase in my work. More and more clients and artists have been contacting me to collaborate and to do work with them and I even had the opportunity to work with a business. So if you’re looking to get into photography or videography, take this. Sometimes it’s not the gear that makes the artist, but if artist is given the incorrect tools to make their masterpiece, they may never grow to the artist that they were meant to be.
 Any fun fact you’d like to add?
If you’re interested in photography or videography and didn’t do it in high school or college, don’t get intimidated by others who’ve done since they were in high school with a proper teacher. I’ve been doing this for over a year now and I’m 100 percent self-taught. Yes I’ve made mistakes during my photoshoots and while editing as well, but that’s the beauty of the learning process. The creative world is an investment, and it’s not going to cost you a Netflix subscription either. Fight through the high price tag and make as many mistakes as you can. I’m still learning video right now and my skills can only increase with more practice. Just save up for a beginner’s camera, create with as many people as you can, and watch carefully how your favorite artist make their content.
How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team?
Collaborating with the Never Seek Approval Team was delightful. Right from the start they were very friendly people and wanted to know more about my story, how I came to where I am now, and where exactly am I going. The shoot itself was a location that I wasn’t all too strong in, as I’m more of an urban city photographer, but it was a great opportunity to challenge myself to grow my skills in other areas that I am not too strong in. Overall it was an amazing learning experience for myself and a wonderful networking opportunity. I am forever grateful to have had been given an opportunity like this.
How can someone get in contact with you…
Anthony E. Johnson   
Instagram: kreative.projects
(main page for photography and some videos in the future)
YouTube: _kreate
(Upcoming Weekly vlogs, travel videos (Atlanta, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and more!), and cinematic shorts that other people can take part in!)

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