Never Seek Approval organic cotton long sleeve tee

We got to do a shoot with Aaron at North Point Park in Cambridge! He took some great shots! 


Tell us the story about when your passion for photography first started?

I didn’t use to like pictures. Whenever it came time to be in one I would try to sneak away or just hide in the back if it was a group picture. I didn’t like taking other people’s pictures either, too much pressure. That all changed my sophomore year of college. A friend came over to my apartment with his camera and took some pictures of my roommates and I. I enjoyed them so much that I rushed to post them to Instagram. I never wanted to share something so quickly especially not a picture of myself, but it felt good. From that moment I wanted to try being the person behind the camera and to give people the same feeling. Little did I know that those moments would spark such a huge passion for me that I now think about every day. 


What is the story behind your favorite picture?

My favorite picture I’ve taken is this portrait of my girlfriend on a rainy day. It’s my favorite photo not only because of the emotion she’s showing, but the memories it holds for me. I can remember this day like it was yesterday whenever I look at it. We were laying in my bed and it was pouring outside and I had joked around about going out into the rain. That’s when she suggested we go out and danced in the rain. She was joking too, but then I got the urge to want to go take pictures in it. At first she was against it, but she saw how much I wanted to go and agreed to come along. I gave her an old rain jacket I had from an old job and wrapped my camera in a plastic bag from Walmart. We went outside to the back for like seven minutes in total, took some pictures and went back inside. I love photos with stories behind them and strive to create that in my work.

Never Seek Approval photographer Aaron favorite picture  


How was collabing with the Never Seek Approval Team?

 Collaborating with the Never Seek Approval Team was awesome! It was my first time linking up with a brand I had no connection to and the team was so welcoming. They gave me full creative control to shoot within my vision and were down to assist in any ideas I had. I have nothing but good things to say about the team, communication was great, assistance was great, and the experience overall was fantastic. Their mission to create a sustainable clothing option for the world as well as up bring the community they are part of is admirable and one I could easily get behind.  


How can someone get in contact with you…

Aaron M. Coss

Email: aaroncoss@gmail.com

Instagram: @cosseffect

Website: aaronmcoss.com

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